Single-Frequency Stethoscope

The single-frequency pre-adjusted single-sided stethoscope adopts an original diaphragm tension pre-adjusted structure design. The earplugs are made of natural rubber extracts through a special process, which is ergonomic, and the shape can completely match the auricle, making it particularly comfortable to wear. The clarity and brightness of this stethoscope during auscultation are significantly better than that of ordinary stethoscopes. At the same time, it is used with a sphygmomanometer to measure blood pressure. It is a stethoscope worth having.

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Stethoscope Head

High-gloss production technology, delicate texture, original diaphragm tension pre-adjustment structure design, sensitive sound transmission effect, clarity and brightness during auscultation are significantly better than ordinary stethoscopes.

Closed Ear Plug

Patented earplugs-made of natural rubber purification technology through a special process, the shape can completely fit the auricle, effectively isolate external noise, comfortable and sensitive to wear, and bring you a new auscultation experience.


The stainless steel metal earhooks have an ergonomic angle, which can make the pinna and earplugs achieve the best sealing effect when worn, isolate external noise and make it comfortable to wear.

Sound Conduit

The A-shaped hose is made of imported PVC material. The noise when the hose is touched by the hand is relatively small, which has little effect on the auscultation effect. The surface is smooth, and it is light in use and has a good sound transmission effect.

Label Board

Patented design, stylish personality, the name of the doctor can be written on the back of the label.

Accessories Box

The appearance is atmospheric and beautiful, and it is convenient to store. It is equipped with two pairs of earplugs, one large and one small, suitable for the use of different sizes of auricles.

Product packaging

Product packaging

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