Multi-Frequency Stethoscope

The multi-audio adjustable stethoscope adopts a number of patents and technologies at home and abroad. Through the movement of the tuning ring, the peripheral tension of the diaphragm is changed, the sensitivity of the leakage diaphragm is improved, and the wavelength emitted by the organ changes after passing through the diaphragm. It can achieve clear auscultation within the most suitable range of auscultation for our human ears. It can also continuously change the tension of the diaphragm according to the characteristics of the audio emitted by different organs to match, and achieve clear classification auscultation of different organs.

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Stethoscope Head

High-low-density composite earpiece, gold-plated 24K real gold sound chamber sound transmission effect is clear and brilliant @ Vibrating membrane adopts multinational patented design, such as German patent number: DE21 2013 000 288, the volume obtained during auscultation can be more than ordinary vibrating membrane. 20%, the sound is three-dimensional and clear. The auscultation head adopts a patented high and low density material design. This patented design has been authorized by many countries, such as the Chinese patent number: ZL201210148071.7, which can reduce the weight by 1/3 while ensuring excellent listening effects. Comfortable to wear. The auscultation head adopts a patented multi-audio adjustable design. This patented design has been authorized in many countries. During auscultation, you can change the pressure on the auscultation head or rotate the tuning ring to change the tension of the vibrating membrane to obtain multiple clarity. Audio.

Closed Ear Plug

Patented earplugs-made of natural rubber purification technology through a special process, the shape can completely fit the auricle, effectively isolate external noise, comfortable and sensitive to wear, and bring you a new auscultation experience.

Elegant Black Craft Ear-hook

Yahei craft earhooks have a delicate texture and an ergonomic angle. When worn, they can achieve the latest sealing effect between the auricle and earplugs, isolate the external voice, and are comfortable to wear.

Sound Conduit

The A-shaped guide tube is made of natural rubber and is soft, durable and non-sticky.

Label Board

Patented design, stylish personality, the name of the doctor can be written on the back of the label.

Accessories Box

The appearance is atmospheric and beautiful, and it is convenient to store. It is equipped with two pairs of earplugs, one large and one small, suitable for the use of different sizes of auricles.

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Product packaging

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